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Announcing a nine month Mystery Block-of-the-Month video tutorial series, produced by Riley Blake Designs!

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 Courtesy of Riley Blake Designs How To Videos

 October 2013 - Finishing Your Mystery Quilt

Mystery Block of the Month

2013 Mystery Quilt is finished!  Here is how to finish your quilt. 

Posts: 1 1/2 inch squares. Make 4 patches using scrap fabrics, create: 16 - 4 patches
Sashing: 24 - 12 1/2 inch long strips by 2 1/2 inches.
Sewing instructions-
Sew end to end 4 posts to 3 white sashing strips, beginning with the (4 patch) posts. Repeat and to create 4 separate boarders.
Next, lay out quilt blocks in desired order, 3 blocks per row.  Add sashing to the sides of the Quilt blocks (sides only, not to the top and bottom), you will use 4 white sashing pieces per row.
Add the post and sashing borders to the quilt blocks one border at a time, starting at the top. Remember to nestle your seams.  The center of your quilt is finished!
Once the center of your quilt is made, add a 3 inch white border around the entire center section. You will need to measure the center of your quilt to know the length the border should be cut.  Next, we added a scrappy border to create a colorful inner border.  Cut 1 1/2 inch wide strips of your scrap fabrics in what ever lengths you have.  Sew strips end to end once you have the desired length double the width of your colorful border by sewing two strips together. Again, measure the center of your quilt for the length you should cut your scrappy border. Sew. Re-measure the width and cut your top and bottom scrappy border.  You are almost done!
Lastly, we added a 3"white outer border.  Quilt and bind as desired. 
Thanks for following along and please join us next year for the next Riley Blake Designs Block of the Month program in 2014.


September 2013 - Flower Garden Block

September Flower Garden Block PDF file link


August 2013 - Color Wheel BlockAugust Color Wheel Block PDF file link


July 2013 - There's No Place Like Home
July There's No Place Like Home Block PDF file link

June 2013 - Birds of a Feather

June Birds of a Feather Block PDF file link

May 2013 - Selvage

May Selvage Block PDF file link

April 2013 - Sunshine

April Sunshine Block PDF file link

March 2013 - Simplicity

March Simplicity Block PDF file link

February 2013 - Heart

February Heart Block PDF file link

This scrappy Heart Block is paper pieced and then reversed appliqued onto a white background.
The file above is the 8.5" x 11" option which will require printing the template in sections and taping them together.

January 2013 - Chevron

January Chevron Block PDF file link