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No Y-Seams!

Are you a Guilty Quilter?  Being a guilty quilter has to change.  For years I've had to sneak fabric into the house so I don't have to explain the expenses involved in creating something fun and new.  Quilters by nature are creative, resourceful and (despite what some might say) frugal.  We are also extremely generous.  Who else spends $$$ in materials and hours of time to create a masterpiece, only to give it away?  Of course we love what we do, but we also love the joy we bring to others.  Next time you come home with an armload of fabric, simply tell your interrogator...this fabric was give to me by a (insert a family name here), so I can make something for you.  Happy Now?!?!

  • Skill level = Intermediate
  • 53 inches x 53 inches
  • Designed by Christopher Florence
  • Published by The Guilty Quilter
  • Copyright 2017